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its so sad that every boy who dresses remotely nice is labeled as gay like thts not even offensive to gay people it just means straight boys dress like shit 

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GIRLS DONT READ this ones just for the fellas. only guys will get this one. bros you know when youre at the gym workin on your ‘toids to get big for the sports well OKAY I’m sure the ladies have stopped reading by now, so what’s their deal? how do I tell the girls I love them without having to talk? I’m scared

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The art of Zhuang Yating

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Last Meals of Inmates on Death Row

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I wish you would have died in high school, 
so you could be somebodies idol.


Joyce Manor- Never Hungover Again (1st Pressing: Yellow /700)

It’s so beautiful!!!

Tame Impala Album Artwork by Lief Podhajský

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